Selling in video commerce with ShopCall: how to spread the link for the video call

Introducing Shopcall: the first video call shopping system to increase sales using video calling, which allows you to keep your shutters open

If you are here, you too have probably been overwhelmed from a working viewpoint by the impacts of Covid-19 . The epidemic of the century, which revolutionised – perhaps forever? – our way of life has also changed the rules of the way of buying, crippling brick and mortar commerce and definitively favouring online shopping.

In a full lockdown, physically going to stores was impossible: customers learned to use online shopping channels, turning to stores and services capable of selling remotely and delivering to your home, safely and quickly.

With the free movement of goods and people reopened, the situation has not changed much. What we are experiencing today is a “new normal”, made up of prudence and distance. Despite the security measures put in place by the merchants, customers no longer feel that safe entering a shop or a crowded shopping mall, or sipping a drink in a wine bar. It’s better to order from the comfort of your home and wait for delivery, without exposing yourself too much.

The era of virtual shopping has established itself: even if goods or services are available offline, customers prefer to shop online, choosing from virtual shop windows and using innovative platforms to get ultra-realistic online shopping experiences.

This is why ShopCall was born: the first phygital channel of video commerce or video shopping that allows anyone who owns a business to communicate via video call with customers and to sell comfortably online without having an e-commerce channel, simply by using their smartphone or a PC.

ShopCall greatly improves the online shopping experience and makes it more human: thanks to the video call, customers virtually enter the store, feel served by the retailer and recommended, just as if they were in the store. All without leaving home, simply by clicking a link or by scanning a QR code!

How to inform them of the news? Spreading the link to video call your shop!

Selling in video commerce: how to spread the link

Here are some tips to reach as many customers as possible effectively and smartly and start selling with video shopping.

1. Share the link on social networks

If you have a Facebook page, the first step is to inform your community of the news: all your customers must know that from today they can “enter” your store comfortably from their mobile phone, with a simple ShopCall video call.

Write a Facebook post and paste in the text window the link that customers will have to click to start the video call.

On Instagram you can insert the link in your bio (writing it in the “Website” space of your profile) to always have it available and clearly visible, or promote it overlay on the images or within the stories, or make it available with the swipe-up function: the user, by scrolling up the screen, will directly activate the video call. But be careful: the swipe-up is only available for those with at least 10,000 followers.

2. Email customers

Emails and newsletters are always an effective way to contact customers, especially reaching the most loyal ones who are unlikely to trash your message. Use the mailing list that you have composed over the years: prepare a simple email, with a clear title, and clearly insert the link or QR code to call you. The video commerce experience starts with one click!

3. Write a message on Whatsapp

Everyone, today, communicates on Whatsapp. This app allows us to exchange information quickly and in real-time, getting straight to the point. Just what we need! Without going too far, prepare a short message and enter the link that customers can click. Very simple and immediately within reach of a smartphone for customers who will need you for their video shopping!

4. Print the QR on promotional materials

Even in the digital age, physical promotional media have not lost their effectiveness. Take advantage of the QR code’s power (everyone knows what it is) and spread it everywhere: in the window, with an ad hoc window sticker, on business cards, flyers or brochures or paper shopping bags.

NB: remember to always accompany the QR code with a brief description of its function. A simple sentence will suffice:Scan the QR code and video call me in the store with ShopCall. I can help you with online purchases as if I were here!”.

5. Place links and QRs on your website

If you have an e-commerce site or channel, enter the link or QR code to integrate the video commerce service directly into the Home Page. Informing customers of the additional possibility of video calling you for advice while shopping online will make them even more interested in filling the cart and completing the purchase.

6. Harness the power of Google My Business

If you have a business, surely you already know Google My Business, the free platform by Google which, based on some indicators relating to the user’s search – such as his position or affinity concerning the keywords entered – allows you to optimise the presence of commercial activities within search engines.

Within your profile in Google My Business, you can take advantage of the spaces offered to add the useful link to virtually “receive” customers in the store, i.e. the one to start the ShopCall video call.

To learn more about Google My Business click 👉 here.