Live Shopping One-to-one.

The immersive, personalized shopping experience for your customers.

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The power of storytelling in sales

The sales assistant uses all his experience and professionalism to help the customer in his choice, maximizing sales and satisfaction.

Help them find what they are looking for by presenting and comparing products during the live video.

Integrate Shopcall on your e-commerce or use it in stand-alone mode.

Shopcall Assistant

For e-commerce

Shopcall Assistant Hero

One-to-One personal shopping in live streaming from your e-commerce.

  • No installation required for customers
  • Integrated with the main e-commerce platforms
  • Create cart during call
  • Video, Chat & Co-Browsing
  • Checkout directly in e-commerce
  • Sales assistant iOS & Android Apps
  • Advanced sales reports

Shopcall Direct

For physical retailers

shopcall - videocall1

Sell online via video call from your smartphone.

  • No installation for your client.
  • Call reservation management
  • Create your Stripe account directly from the app or use Paypal to receive payments.
  • Integrated checkout system.
  • Orders and quotations management
  • IOS and Android app to answer customer calls