Shopcall Direct

For physical retailers

  • Sell from your smartphone without the need for e-commerce.
  • Show your products live to customers and receive payments during the video call.
activate Shopcall Direct

Activate Shopcall Direct in 5 minutes, download the iOS or Android APP and get started now.

  • Add your company logo.
  • Establish your opening times and the days you are closed.
  • Generate a unique link to your store.
  • Receive credit card payments immediately.

Get your customers to find you.

  • Publish the unique link on your website, on Google My Business, and your social media channels.
  • Share the link via email, text message, WhatsApp….
  • Publish the link and the QR Code on your business cards, flyers, and brochures.
  • All your customers have to do is click on your ShopCall link to enjoy a new online shopping experience.
Share link

Answer video calls and guide customers around your store.

  • Interact with them, advise them, answer questions show them your products.
  • Frame the products inside your store, take a picture with the App and create a cart.
  • Share your cart or quote in real time during the video call and receive payment.

Summarise the order together with your customer and receive their credit card payment instantly

  • If your customer wants to pay by credit or debit card, Shopcall Direct allows you to accept payment and enjoy complete security.
  • Shopcall is natively integrated with Stripe and Paypal, the world leaders in payment systems.
  • Prefer cash on delivery? No problem, Shopcall also works without online payments!

Organise home deliveries or allow collection at your branch

  • Do you already have a home delivery service? Great! Use it to deliver the orders you get through ShopCall.
  • Prefer collection in store? you are completely free to arrange collection at your headquarters.

Security and privacy

ShopCall guarantees high definition video, secure connections and transactions, and the utmost confidentiality and privacy.