5 Tips to Increase Online Sales with ShopCall Assistant Video Call

5 consigli per aumentare le vendite online con la videochiamata di ShopCall Assistant

In this short guide, we will talk about how to best use ShopCall Assistant’s video call to promote e-commerce sales and build relationships with online customers that are lasting and based on trust.

Let’s start right away with the 5 tips to increase online sales with video call

1. Prepare your environment before video call sessions

Before starting, take some time to organize the environment around you and especially the area from which you will manage the video call. Whether you answer from the shop, the showroom or the office, make sure the background is clear and that in general the area is tidy.

It is also very important to have all the products at hand and make sure that the lighting is adequate and that it illuminates your face and the goods you will be showing.

As in store sales, even in a video call it is important to be able to animate and keep the conversation with the customer alive. In this regard, we recommend that you become familiar with the products on sale with all their features and benefits.

If you use the ShopCall booking feature, it may be useful to send a reminder e-mail message one hour or so before the video call, to prevent the customer from forgetting the appointment. Remember: little gestures like this help build positive relationships with customers!

2. The smartphone rings: the video call begins

Once the video call has started, it’s time to introduce yourself and respond to customers’ inquiries.

It is essential to immediately show yourself available and speak clearly and kindly, as if there were a friend on the other side.

Welcome digital customers with the same enthusiasm and courtesy you would show if they just walked into the store, and make sure you are interested in what they say.

Actively listen to the customer’s needs and ask questions to better understand how to be useful.

A good example of opening the video call might follow this pattern:

  • Greet the customer and introduce yourself
  • Ask what they are looking for
  • Answer the question, then delve further with more open-ended questions such as: “Is it for you or for someone else?”, “Have you already purchased from our website?”, “Do you know the brands / models X, Y or Z?”

The creation of a structure that can mark, even if only ideally, the steps of the video call, ensures that you act confidently and keep the customer’s attention on you and on the product.

3. Harness the power of ShopCall Assistant

The great thing about live video calls is that they allow for interactions that wouldn’t normally be possible online. ShopCall Assistant is not just a simple video call, but an opportunity to replicate the whole in-store experience online.

How can you exploit the power of ShopCall to increase sales?

With the Shopcall Assistant product comparison feature, during the video call you can compare the different product options available, such as colors, models, prices or quality.

Customers love when experienced salespeople illustrate and compare products, because this simple gesture makes the buying process much easier and more informed.

Just to give an example, you can offer a more expensive product to those with specific needs that are not reflected in a basic model, or a cheaper product to those who need to spend less.

With ShopCall Assistant you will be able to capitalize on your sales experience and the ability to understand what exactly a customer is looking for, so you will never miss a sales opportunity.

4. Now it’s your turn! Do you know your products well?

The video call has started: now you are the star! Use storytelling to explain and illustrate a product in detail, with all its features, advantages and, why not, even its weaknesses, if any.

Show passion and reliability to explain how a particular product can be the solution the customer is looking for. Doing this, you will not only conclude the sale but you will become a real point of reference for the future purchases of your customers.

5. Follow-up calls

If customers need to think about it for a while before deciding whether to make a purchase, propose an appointment for another video call to re-discuss the product, other options or simply any doubts that may arise.

By offering dedicated and proactive support, you will create a relationship of trust and respect that will result not only in a sale but also in customer loyalty. Which is exactly what your e-commerce needs.