One-to-one video shopping: what it is and what are the advantages for your e-commerce

One-to-one video shopping: what it is and what are the advantages for your e-commerce

Awareness is growing among brands around the world, of how important it is to integrate live assistance to e-commerce, be it pure digital or part of a multi-channel sales strategy.

ShopCall Assistant offers the possibility of assisted shopping in live video or live chat by simply clicking a button on the website or in the e-commerce product page.

What is ShopCall one-to-one video shopping?

ShopCall Assistant is the future of customer service.

‍ShopCall Assistant is a live video shopping solution created to connect customer and seller through a video call or chat enriched with various tools specifically designed for sales.

‍ShopCall Assistant is essentially an add-on for ecommerce sites. Its widget can be placed on the product page, “help”, or “contacts” page within a site.

Thanks to ShopCall Assistant technology, shoppers can decide to start a one-to-one chat or video call with the sales assistant that best suits their needs, be it product or location.

As an alternative to immediate contact, it is also possible to book a video or chat appointment through the calendar provided by the brand on the website.

The ability to choose between video and chat is a strategic feature: although the ShopCall video call allows the customer to keep his camera off and not be seen, not everyone immediately feels comfortable on video and may want to switch to this tool only after some chat exchanges.

‍With ShopCall Assistant, sales assistants also play a fundamental role in digital sales: they have the opportunity to show products on video or through images, make practical demonstrations and compare similar items, making the most of their knowledge of the brand. empathy and sales attitude.

Shopcall Assistant transfers the effectiveness and strength of assisted sales typical of the store into the digital world.

How can your e-commerce benefit from using ShopCall Assistant?

ShopCall can help you achieve different goals.

‍ShopCall Assistant is a flexible and customizable solution according to the needs of the brand.

The options to consider depend on the type of service you want to offer and the goals you want to achieve.

Just to give a few examples, you can decide whether to use ShopCall Assistant with Premium customers only or to attract new customers; for instant video calls and chats or scheduled ones. In this last case you can define a time window to activate the service.

In any case and whatever your needs, the ShopCall experts will guide you in your choice.

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