4 reasons why your e-commerce needs ShopCall video commerce

4 motivi per cui il tuo e-commerce ha bisogno del video commerce di ShopCall

If you want your e-commerce to grow and thrive, the first step is to understand who your target audience is and be sure that this audience will find your website.

Online shopping offers numerous real benefits to both consumers and businesses. Just type a keyword on Google and you are faced with a long list of sites that sell the product you were looking for. That said, it goes without saying that once a customer finds you, it is essential to attract his attention and lead him to consider your e-commerce a point of reference for purchases.

To achieve this ambitious goal it is necessary to differentiate from competitors. The best way to do it? No, it is not offering the lowest price .. To win the hearts and trust of consumers it is important to offer them what they really need and that very few brands are able to offer: live sales assistants to help them make informed choices, that is the ShopCall video commerce !!

Here are 4 great reasons why video commerce is what you need to increase online sales:

1. Video Commerce increases conversion rates

Consumers love videos because they offer the opportunity to “try before you buy”. This is especially true for an e-commerce site. For many people, buying something they can’t see well enough is a risk. Videos build trust and help overcome objections before they arise, which can dramatically improve conversion rates.

2. Video Commerce is more personal than static photos

Video allows you to interact with consumers in a way no other medium can, showing them what makes your brand unique and sharing the reasons why people love it so much in a more personal way than the usual static image. More importantly, interacting with an experienced sales assistant in real time is critical to building trust in your business. With videos you can take advantage of empathy, the propensity to sell and the passion for what you do in a way that is not only more engaging, but also increases the loyalty of your customers.

3. Video Commerce makes access to information fast and efficient

Video can help reduce calls to support, emails to customer service and returns by providing shoppers with everything they need to know before clicking “buy”. If shoppers can see what they’re buying, how it works, or simply ask questions before purchasing, you’ll drastically reduce returns and customer service charges.

4. By adopting Video Commerce you show that you keep up with the times and attentive to customer needs

Inserting the ShopCall video commerce within your e-commerce site, shows customers that your brand is in step with the times and that it has invested in the latest technologies in order to offer them a more attentive service. For consumers, this means that you are more than just a business. You are also a partner they can always count on for their purchases!

In conclusion

Video can boost your conversion rates and have a tremendous impact on the success of your ecommerce site. With the ever-growing number of people using online shopping, video is a great way to share your story with those customers who may not be able to visit your business in person. It’s also a unique way to stand out from competors and show customers how important they are to you and what makes your brand unique.

Shopping on video is more engaging, personal, knowledgeable and fun and will improve sales conversions as a result. So whether you decide to include ShopCall Assistant on your eCommerce site or offer ShopCall Connect as a service for non-web consumers, remember this: if you don’t use video, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. 

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