ShopCall Assistant: human interaction to support eCommerce

ShopCall Assistant- l’interazione umana a supporto dell’eCommerce

Admittedly, even the most sophisticated automation system can’t replace the human touch, and when it comes to shopping, shoppers prefer to be helped by real people even in a digital environment like an e-commerce.

In recent years, digital sales have registered record growth, but abandoned carts and returns are also real, and even in these cases the numbers are high. Furthermore, not all buyers feel comfortable with online shopping and not all product sectors sell well without the assistance of an expert seller.

As a result, e-commerce sites are often used by shoppers only to search for information on a product that will then be purchased elsewhere.

How to convert visits to your e-commerce into sales?

ShopCall offers e-commerce the possibility to communicate via video and/or chat in real time with online shoppers and create a virtuous and satisfying shopping experience.

ShopCall Assistant, the latest solution by Shopcall intended for e-commerce, perfectly combines the need to make assisted purchases and the convenience of doing them digitally from the comfort of home. ShopCall Assistant integrates with major e-commerce platforms through plug-ins and is the ideal solution to enable omnichannel.

Here are 3 good reasons to start using ShopCall Assistant and take advantage of its enormous potential:

1. Major purchases require human support

The new era of the internet has seen customers switch to online shopping even for high-value purchases. And even when the purchase is not finalized, 52% of consumers search online for information, prices, variants, etc. before making a purchase in a store.

Shoppers in many cases will also compare your e-commerce to competitors. A challenge that today can no longer be won offering the cheapest price; you need to give customers what they really want: a pleasant shopping experience and great customer support services.

Answering customer questions in real time and dispelling any doubts about the product they’re interested in, is therefore the best strategy to conquer consumer preferences.

The possibility of offering active and human sales assistance even online is now possible thanks to  ShopCall Assistant. By clicking on the ShopCall Assistant widget, the customer will initiate a video call or a live chat with a sales assistant who will support him in all stages of the purchase including the creation of the cart and payment.

The sales assistant can be anywhere: in a physical point of sale, in a showroom or dark store, or even at his office desk in the case of pure digital e-commerce.

The ShopCall widget can appear on all pages of the e-commerce site or on specific product pages.

2. Human interaction improves online conversion rates and increases the average order value 

Chatbots and chat rooms are pretty useful tools for providing customer service, but they’re not ideal for sales.

86% of consumers said they prefer interacting with a human being over chatbots. In fact, the latter are often more a source of frustration than real help.

The live chat with a real person, on the other hand, can be useful both as a first step before moving on to the video, and for the total performance of the consultancy.

Buying in live video, however, has an extra gear: it offers the same personal experience as in the store and allows you to get in touch with customers and take advantage of the empathy and propensity to sell of the sales assistants.

How can ShopCall Assistant tools help you improve online conversion rates and average order value?

Thanks to the Shopcall Assistant features, you will have the opportunity to increase the average order value by suggesting alternatives to the customer’s choice and additional products to his purchase.

Furthermore, with ShopCall Assistant, if the customer is not fully convinced of a product or this should be out of stock, the sales assistant can quickly propose alternatives by co-browsing the e-commerce together with the customer or showing them in live video from the store.

3. Customer loyalty is essential

Interacting effectively with customers is the key to building a community of people who trust us, love to shop in our e-commerce considering it a point of reference thanks to the excellent customer service.

Generally, customer engagement on e-commerce sites is low, which means brands should find ways to deliver an increasingly fulfilling and personalized experience.

Research shows that 80% of customers who receive personalized treatment finalize the purchase.

ShopCall Assistant includes tools to help your team deliver tailored experiences right from the start.

For example, already in the initial phase, customers can decide whether to start a video call in real time by clicking on the widget or make an appointment.

ShopCall Assistant in fact includes a calendar for booking appointments that allows sellers to prepare the meeting on live video before the call and the customer to enjoy the ideal shopping experience at the time they prefer.

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